Порода собак бишон фризе

Pearly Dog Of The Pond

The most amazing thing about the Hanaan dog is to bribe a deep and good look. Thanks to this, almost human, eyes, Hanaan people don't get mixed up with any other species. Now, looking at this cute and pure creature, it is difficult to imagine that the Hananas originate from wildly floating dogs in North Africa and the Middle East. In fact, Israel is the homeland of the Hanana dog. According to local assumptions, this is the type of pet that the Israeli King of Iezawali had.

It should be said that while Hanaan dogs are very ancient, their professional exploration began only in the 20th century. Haanas have now been distributed not only in their homeland but also in Europe and America.

The beauty of the Hanaan dog is indifferent and laconic. There's nothing in her face--- just what nature created: a practical mouse of natural shades and a classic silo that reminds me that the ancestors of all the best friends of a man were wolves. Hanaan dog is a medium-size pod, a square format, rather strong, but not a cumbersome body. Its height in the lounge is usually 50 to 60 cm, weighing 18 to 25 kg.

The Hanan dogs are characterized by long shape, high ears, black nose and medium tail with a small suspension. The standard allows for a number of colour varieties of this species: a whole (or brown or black) and a two-coloured (white with red, black or brown spots). The weight of the Hanaan dog is very thick and fabulous, has a rich underground.

The beauty of this species is in its universality. Of course, for most people, the Hanaan dog is, above all, a great companion. Hanaan really possesses all the virtues necessary for a perfect family dog - he's uncomfortable, easily in urban settings, and most importantly loyal to the master and loves the children. In the right upbringing, it's a luxury, obedient, disciplined animal. Hanaan dogs don't belong to aggression against people, but they're suspicious, and they're good at caring.

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