Как выглядит кавказская


If you're thinking of buying or hosting an Australian sheep, you're gonna need to know about the breed as much as you can, and then decide if this dog is for you.

An Australian sheep (or aussi, aussi) is considered a shepherd and a companion. In the meantime, this pond was not just a working dog for a farmer, but also a good companion for its owner. These dogs are equally happy in their constant work and just being close to their master and his family, to which they are very attached.

Since the aussi should know many teams to manage livestock, this breed is very smart, educated, able to make independent decisions and willing to please. Without that shit, she would be useless as a dog working on a farm. It's a well-developed working dog used all over America to work with cattle, sheep, goats and even home birds. The breed is popular with small farmers who need a help dog, but they don't have enough work to keep the dog busy. From here on, and the companion for the Australian sheep.

Many of the Aussys are sympathetic with everyone, they're fine, they're friends with other dogs and they get along with the kids, but the Australian sheep tends to be discreet and cautious with others. Detained dogs may not take people immediately. Remember, the dog of any species can become aggressive if it's not socialized or trained.

Since these dogs were removed to work with livestock, if they don't work, their minds and energy should be used somewhere else. It's highly recommended abusive. They are also engaged in exhibition activities, Ajiliti (trasse with different shells), Frisbee (special disk), Skee- and Baik-joring (when the dog drags the master on skis or bicycles with them). When these dogs grow up with children, they love children and quickly become their play partners. Australia ' s sheep does not require a practice farm, but they need daily classes and attention - for example, they can ride a bicycle, run a coward, go to campers and picnics with friends, swim. Consider that young dogs of any species require more training in their first year of life than adult dogs.

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