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Бобтейл собака: описание породы

Bobteil standard: basic characteristics

Bobteil is muscular, strong, large (more than 61 cm in the blade) proportionate to the dog, square. There's a slight high-density, the height in the lap is a little higher than in the choir. Laps aren't long, straight, with a powerful slice.

The name of the bobthyle was taken from the tail of an unusual form, which was drowned at the end. Sometimes puppies are born with a simple tail, then they buy it, leaving only five centimeters.

It's a big head with a large, large skull. They're very well developed. The sea is wide and long, stupid. The jaws of square worms. Thick lips and a big black noseberry. The ears at the bean are full, medium size, tightly attached to the head.

Eyes of oval cut, medium size, widely planted with a markedly smart expression. Better if they're as dark as possible.

Dog, leg, head, and especially thighs are covered with a thick, thick, breathing, pretty rough hair with a good pancreas that can perfectly protect the dog from the cold.

The colour can be a diverse picture in the exquisite white, blue and blue marble tone. Blue and blue dogs often have blue or pearl eyes. The shade of brown or brown is a disqualified vice.

Bobteil character

This dump is very smart and kind, prudent and calm. He loves and strives to care for children, never fights, easily with different animals. It's a loyal, balanced and tolerant creature.

He's a great breeder and a trainee. But he only needs a good and just attitude. With physical exposure, the dog will be stubborn and won't listen.

For the bobteil, the master must be the leader of the Stai and the unconditional leader.

We've got to learn about it from the first minutes of the puppy house. The correspondence shall be consistent. If there's no experience with dog drifting, you'd better go to the experimental cinema.

Maintenance and care

It's not hard to take care of the bean, despite his wool. Fortunately, his wool is barely undone.

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