собаки породы питбуль

Potato Dogs

(angl) American Pit Bull Terrierreduced pit bull (sighs)Pitbull- American dog breed.

Pitbuli is divided into two main types of terriers and bulldozers, and these two mixed types are also encountered. Weight does not have severe restrictions and may vary between 12 and 36 kg, but usually 14 to 28 kg. The colour of the pit bullpenter may be any (except the colour of the merl), it may be both complete and tiger, as well as with marks. ears may be bought, may not be bought. The beast doesn't buy. The head could be both wide and short and chilomorodian.

The character of the pit bullpenters is very bright, they are highly gambling and strong intact. Pitbulterier feels good in a normal city apartment, but they just need regular sports walks and contacts with their nature. Even on the other hand, the pit bullier will be more comfortable in the host family, as permanent loneliness may affect the dog's mental health. The pit bully is a minimum, every six months the dog needs to bathe and re-cream.

Despite the fact that the pit bullier is an ancestor of the American staffordshire terrier, it is still regarded as an unrecognized international cinema (FCI) by nature. The appearance of the species still lacks strict standards. The United States pit bullier is registered in the ISS and banned in most EU countries. In other countries, a number of strict rules have been established for the maintenance of pit bullpenters.

Pitbulters were always quite popular in America. They were used extensively to participate in dog warfare with others. by dog species♪ The breeds used bulldogs and terriers. The first pit bullies have been given strength and perseverance, and from the terriers, the lightning rate of reaction, which has made this species a real car for battle, hunting and rescue.

After dog fights were found to be illegal in the United States, the pit bullters were under strict control, the breeding of these dogs was prohibited. In order to secure the support of ordinary citizens, there have been cases of attacks by pit bullters on people with appalling photographs and commentaries in the media.

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