Популярные породы маленьких

Small Dog Species With Photographs And Names

Американские стаффордширские терьерыThe American Stiffordshire Terriers and their immediate relatives of the quoted bulbs have entered our country very recently but have already gained popularity among the people, but the dignity of their unique possibilities. Despite the growing number of adherents. ♪ ♪

Bassets are nice and welcoming dogs with a beautiful head and long ears. They remind a big and heavy taxi outside. Over the past 20 years, their popularity as decoration dogs has been particularly popular. In our country, there's recently an English basset breed...

The species is in western Scotland. In a severe scalist Scottish terrain, dogs were needed to hunt foxes, rats, cats, short laps, small size. West Hayland White (weight) Therière is translated as a Western High-level White Terrier. But... ♪

Бассеты - охотничьи собаки It is well known to anyone who loves the sobaccode that such an interesting and unique breed of dogs, such as chao-chao, is hardly the oldest breed that has been made by people. Unfortunately, many facts from the biography. ♪ ♪

Today, not only the stars of the show business, but also world-renowned politicians, athletes and writers are recognized in love with Yorkshire terriers. The Yorks are housed by Julia Timoshenko, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Sergei Lukjanenko, Anfisa Chekov, Paris Hilton and...

Old-fashioned biologists don't like talking about animal mind. In their view, all the behavioural characteristics are the essence of conditional reflexes. There's no reason to think about, as they think, animals, and there's no speech. The sensation of scientific dogm causes a smile at...

Budel, like decorative. dog breedis one of the oldest. But, as in such cases, there is no consensus on its actual origin. Some scholars say that the puddle comes from a well-known ulcer. ♪ ♪

Вест хайленд уайт (вайт) терьер Загадочный древний Чау-Чау Йоркширский терьер - идеальный друг и компаньон для городской квартиры-факонет Ньюфаундленды
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