Chicken Dogs

The dream of a dog came out someplace else as a kid, but as usual, my parents were against it, and they didn't make me a fourth friend. I got married in 2013 and started asking my husband to buy a dog. By that time, I had a great change of desire by the breed. When I was a kid, I was just delusional about having a sebernar in my apartment, but it became clear that the mature would be hard in a little cripple, and the choice of breed was a little German spice. A beautiful, smart dog with a smiley face and an exhilarating eye has conquered my heart after I first saw a spy on a walk in the park. Since September 2013, my husband and I have been engaged in endless negotiations about what a dog should have... Because my husband often leaves on mission, I've argued that I'm the one who's really bored and I need a naughty friend... Husband almost agreed. So, he's on a mission, and I'm doing my great job finding a dog like a spitz. A bunch of announcements, sites, negotiations, even meetings, and the occasion found us. Does my sister write that one guy sells Spirit dog through a social meeting at Contact. I contacted him, agreed to meet him, and my husband's on his way back, and I'm putting him in front of the fact, we're going to pick up the dog tomorrow. Husband's in shock, but the wife's decision, and yet the child's dream will have to be fulfilled. We're on our way to the ground. Snow Tatiana. Here, the master opened the door, and it was a miracle that licked me all the way to my head, a little life-saving sand, he had five months. And then talk to the master about the reasons for the sale... The dog goes out to himself, once with him and no one to walk, walks at home in the ass, and on the street there was a few times, apart from that, sometimes the master leaves and leaves a dog alone to feed him in a bigger bow and leaves more water... The heart was swollen, in the hands of a small furious, fascinating beast, the fate of it and its attitude to it, and no doubt about my husband, that dog will be ours, we will make his life better and brighter. On August 5, 2014, we took him to our house. A lot of work, strength, attention and time, a dog that wasn't even walking with, for the first time he didn't know what was going on. Bitik's gradually and very phased lover was used to walks and was no longer afraid of them, but was waiting with a great desire. Now he's 2, this is a great dog, with his childhood problems and particularities, but the best and most loyal friend who has learned basic teams is willing to do everything, and the most important thing is to be tied to us, understands every moment of mood and enjoys a walk in the woods, rest in the day. My husband and I are very happy that his fate is in our safe hands, and we will try to do everything to make our beloved man warm and comfortable in our house.
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