Dog Spike

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(sighs)Dead() - dog decorative. Some cinema federations (e.g. ICF) consider the merchandise as a type of German spice, others (e.g. AKC) place it in a separate breed. The Pomeranian scape is often confused with the German spice, but they are different: the Pomeran spice has a hair with a more cotton, mild and tibia, short, and the German is dominated by a glacier wool and a frost, usually more tidy. The Pomeran spice is miniature and small, rarely medium.

At the time of Queen Victoria ' s rule, in 1870, the Speakers from Pomerani come to England, where work begins to create a carlic form, to improve the " leather " of the merchant and to give him a common insight. The beauty of the best English and American speakers has a great impact on the world ' s factories, and the spies in other countries are gradually being modified to reach the reference Pomeran scape.


Morda and head generally resemble the slide, the skull is a little rounded. Small ears, not too wide. The body is short, with deep breasts and rounded ribs. This one. dog species There's very little wool. The Pomeran spice has 10 colours: black, black, black, chocolate, red with ink, orange, cream, blue, blue, white and bloom. Height in the chole between 18 and 22 cm, weight 1, 4-3, 5 kg.

The miniature spitz has a fun playing temper, a great hearing and a loyal character. The Pomeran spice can be tired of playing with children, activated and energic, but at the same time, it does not make a special effort, because it listens to its master. This is a breed of beauty and loyalty and a desire to please the master. The Pomeran spice is good for the training.

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