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Interesting Dog Species

Interesting dog species. Basin species.

Basenji, or African silence is one of the oldest. The villain is called silencers, they really don't lace.

But everything is in order. Central Africa is the homeland Basenji. These dogs still feel beautiful as hunting dogs. There's evidence that this breed was not specifically removed, it was formed on its own.

These dogs were read in ancient Egypt where they were considered sacred animals. Mummy dogs, very similar to this species, were found in the tombs of the pharaohs.

The outside of the bassenji is very graceful. The dogs of this species have an amazing mimika. That's what they owe the wrinkles on their forehead, between their ears, and they give the dog face special appeal. Badge's tail. It is remarkable that it is very tightly scrubbed and consists of one or two rings which are tightly attached to the cross area.

There are four kinds of colours of the bassenji species: black-fed, black-hearted, stained and marked on the face, red-bag, and tiger. The passion is short and tightly attached to the body.

Large appearances, small sizes (gross in 40-43 cm), lack of lair and, no less important, odor makes them very attractive as domestic beloved. They're mobile, easily trained. Very gambling and charming. They can be treated safely with "food sports"!

Instead of lying, these dogs use other remarkable sounds: quiet ginger, frying, faking. But you'll never hear from the bassengi!

The first time I heard about the breeding of dogs that don't lace at all. It's a very beautiful bassengi pond, I think I saw them at the exhibition, but I'm not sure. ♪ ♪

That's an interesting breed. It's a great thing for a home dog. Simple.

A curious dog, I never heard of that kind. I wonder what's wrong, we've had a chikhoo, we've had a very loud ladder:

It's really very interesting and rare. I've never met the pets of this amazing breed, now I know about them all!

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