Породы собак с фотографиями

List Of Dog Species

There are a number of species that are designed exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the guard and guard function. Generally, all representatives of this category are represented by official breeds and belong to the sub-working group " Dog species for protection " . The safety dog is a profession for representatives of several species with special working qualities in this category.

Usually, they're dogs that are easily controlled and well-addressed. In addition, a valuable quality for a guard dog is the ability to independently assess the situation and decide on the attack.

Sobac is starting to cook from puppy age for security purposes. Emphasis should be placed on the parents of a puppy, especially their working qualities. The collateral process is highly related to the conditions under which a future guard will be held. Restricting all possible contacts with outsiders is one aspect of successful education. The best guards are considered to be the various kinds of sheep, where the generally recognized leader is the German sheep.

The most important question to consider is, where will the security dog go? It is the principle of choosing a puppy for these purposes.

To protect the open territories, it is preferable to use large and powerful dogs with sufficient aggression. These include the Asian and Caucasus sheep. They're living outside the premises. They don't depend on the owner psychologically, make the decision and work safely with the couples.

To work, the guard will be perfectly suited with a thorny lam and a specific appearance. Rotweilers, Briars and South Russian sheep are used to protect objects. More recently, Tibetan Mastypho, a professional guard of ancient Chinese monks, for his threatening appearance and giant dimensions, has become increasingly preferred.

Selection dog species human security is vain enough. A number of factors and preferences from the most protected object should be taken into account. The great guards of the human being, from working life, are Dobermans, German shepherds, Risenaucers, Malinois and French Bouvier.

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