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МопсLittle representatives of the ancient Chinese decorative species, who, in different eras of historical tradition, have accompanied monarchs and other knowledge, have an amazing appearance.

However, the standard description is a square format, a root torso, a developed muscle, strong legs, a large head on a short and powerful neck, a thick warehouse on the face, a slight silk hair, small ears, and a two-coloured tail fox, which will have little to say about the mops if not his attention is paid.

These wide-ranging " cherries of cherries " are a real soul mirror, reflecting, depending on the internal condition of the dog, sparkly disgrace, imagination, universe sorrow, endless mistrust to the master or permanent willingness to have fun.

The obscureness of the mops can give an impression of their lairability, slowness, low mobility. Wrong! These dogs are vibrant and active - sometimes they seem to be able to attend at the same time in all the dwellings so that no important event will be taken without their participation.

And when they jump, these dogs are almost equal, at least, in the enthusiasm with which they give rise. Because of the optimum ratio of leg length to to torso parameters, they are easily removed from the couch to the floor, from the floor to the chair, from the cross to the cocode and again on the couch.

The inner qualities of sweet babies are physically characterised: the nature of the mops is well-contained and good-looking, it can easily behave with the children and maintain the reputation of a great companion. An active and fun dog is permanently ready to play and run, but it does not mean inadvertentness: if the mops are properly raised, they grow obedient and sensitive to the attitude of the dog owner.

The contents of the remarkable representatives of this decorational breed do not produce excessive cotton. Regular wool clean-up and nutrition control are important points to be addressed. These are these. Little dogs. There is a risk of making a beautiful dog a passive sausage suffering from obesity-based diseases.

Мопс Мопс Мопс Мопс
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