Pomeran Spy Dog Breed

Arina Fastova, along with Catherine's mom, is fighting to be the owner of a deadly spice. But for this purpose, she has to find a common language with Hardy's Pirene sheep, a few times bigger than the dog that Arina was making.

Many dream of a dog, but not everyone understands, it's not just joy and fun, but it's a huge responsibility. How do you understand whether children and their parents are willing to assume new responsibility? The filmmaker and television host Grigori Maneuve, the author of the program, is willing to answer all, even the most unexpected questions of the parents, to ask the most humble child and to tell us everything about the very least. rare dog breed
The programme participants will learn a lot about the dogs they choose, and the lead and master of the puppy decide whether the puppy can be trusted by that family. The heroes have to show the nature, skill and ability to negotiate.

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