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Prognostic risk indicators for sudden death in dilation cardiomyopathy at the dobermans of the pinchers
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Doberman pingers with remote cardiopathy have a high risk of sudden heart death (SCD). SCD risk factors are not well defined.
To assess cardiovascular biomarkers, echocardiography and cholter electrocardiographic monitors and dog profiles in the dialatomic cardiopathy dobermans who died from SCD and in the control group of remote cardiopathy dogs to identify SCD predictors.
Methods/ animals
A longitudinal prospect study was carried out in 95 dobers of pingers with a remote cardiopathy. Forty-one dogs died within 3 months of the last cardiological study (SCD-group) and compared with 54 dobermans with dilation cardiopathy survivors who survived one year after being included in the study. All dogs were equipped with cholter electrocardiographic monitors, echocardiography, measurement of sodium peptide concentrations (NT-proBNP) and cardiac troponin (cTnI)
The field overloading of the left stomach (the end diastolic neck of the left stomach (LVEDV/BSA) 91.3 mL/m2) was The best. an indicator predicting SCD. The probability of SCD increased 8, 5 times (CI0.95 = 0.8 to 35.3) for every 50 mL/m2- increase LVEDV/BSA. Emissions, end-to-life systical neck (LVESV/BSA) and NT-proBNP were highly correlated with LVEDV/BSA (r = -0.63, 0.96, 0.86, respectively). The presence of a ventral tachardium, increased cTnI concentration, and the most frequent ≥260 per minute, are additional important indicators for SCD prediction.
Dial cardiomyopathy (DCM) is the most frequent heart disease in the dobermans of the pinchers. Prognosis of a remote cardiopathy at the dobermans of the pinchers is stablely poor. Progress in this disease can be divided into three stages. Dogs at the first stage do not show morphological changes and there are no clinically applicable diagnostic methods at this early stage.
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