Туди - самая маленькая собака

Film Dog

Here comes the time to scream. and kill )
There's been an era... friends with gasoline. Now you're not going to die much.
Half cheeks, half (what behind the house)
And why is an evil dog when it's on the picture of a cat ) that's why it's bought )
Frosty's all hunting ) it's delicious, soulful, hunting mouses and mites on her. All the devours in the county are screwed. All the grass is gone, two mites are already caught. Fortunately, cats are not scary, they can just be wrapped, skin of cats, then the head of the cage. The dogs don't care. So Frosya's purified by the mittance of the surrounding area, and then I'm quiet.
She's on top of all )
Our prefabricated yesterday, lost the Finns, but today it took a bronze in a match with Americans... alas, but in a hockey, the result depends more on luck than on the team's skill. And Zenith is only with a bronze this year. Alas. Zenita had a bad season in the championship.

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