20 место: Гаванский бишон

Mini Spaniel

The cavalier is comfortable with content and not eating. His silk hair doesn't require difficult care. It's enough to wash the dog once every 1-2 month and scratch that you and your pet will have unequal pleasure. Thinking and a good memory enables the cavalier to quickly understand what they want from him, but the desire for a little distraction will attract your attention and may be fun.

A strong desire to never break up with the masters makes them travelers. The size and nature of these dogs enable them to take them all. They feel very well in a private car, and in the purchase of electricity. The cavalier looks quietly from a bag of transport in a metro salon or a bus, attracting the imaginary views of the satellites.

All children dream of such a friend. Having interfered with the child's game, Cavaler will never hurt or hurt, he's very patient and unmarried. It's more important to make sure the baby doesn't hurt the dog.

Pensioners find partnership, temperament, small size and ease of keeping these dogs perfectly.

European countries and America have long appreciated the remarkable data of these institutions. Their popularity is very high and continues to grow. We hope that Kavaler will find many fans and friends in our country as well.

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