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Pincher's A Dog Breed

Additional information: I'm not looking for a musician... a male or female artist to subtract a single, huge apartment 50m2 for cohabitation. Not far from stopping Park in the direction of the Ural River. There's a bathroom, furniture in part, an electrical plate with a spiritual closet and two comforts, all the conveniences, two. Doberman dogs The pincher, the balcony and, soon, the internet is gonna blow. I can also provide a space in the garage for your motorcycle or things in a few stops from home. There is no temporary-styre machine, microwave, refrigerator, process repairs (half concrete, walls stacked to clean, ceiling naked). You can smoke on the balcony, you can have your home animals. Dogs don't get drunk. Also, after pre-schooling, dogs can walk. Fixed plus half the light and the water on the counters. Good company, rollers and moto, sports and music, and better coffee in town.
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