The Dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Кинг-чарльз-спаниель, фото породы собак собаки фотографияKavalier King Charles Spaniel is an active, graceful and well-balanced dog. It's gambling and very fun. Trimming doesn't need it. Of course, if your cavalier's got a hair on the laps or an excess hair that prevents air penetration into the ear passage, they must be removed for the health and comfort of dogs.

The current cavalier is the most important Nature characteristics♪ The cavalier shouldn't be loud, savage and angry. His ancestors have been divorced for centuries to create a climate of cozyness and comfort in the house. This should be taken into account when choosing a puppy - never take a cube or a bitch with a suspicious temperament for you, or a box or a bitch who gave angry puppies.Кавалер кинг чарльз спаниель, фото, фотография The sinister cavalry doesn't stand any criticism. During the exhibition season, you can display a repeatedly physically perfect dog, but what a shame for you and the other visitors if she's always lazy and bite on the table, showing no cavalry.

The head of the cavalry is almost flat between the ears, the forehead is rolled, the length from the base of the forehead to the end is 38 mm. The nostrils are well developed. Small brown, grey or even pink noses with little nostrils do not contribute to the characterization of the cavalries. The head shall not be rude with the increased boilers. It should serve as a charm for wonderful, very remarkable eyes. The perfect head of the cavalier is unique. She can never be confused with any other breed. The blungheim has a white rumb on his head and a stain on the rumb, a sign of dog's high profile.

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