самые дорогие собаки:

The Most Popular Dog Breed In The World

Брюссельский Грифон - на сегодня одна из самых популярных маленьких породMode for certain dog species changes. The choice should be made by drawing attention to the nature and the size, depending on where the dog lives, in a village house, a town mansion or an apartment.

Little dog species

Little dogs can be a good friend. They're cute, funny and luxury. It's about miniatures. dog specieswhich are easily placed in a woman's purse. Moda's been growing up in recent years.

One of the fashion little dogs is the Brussels Griffon. Looking at her, it seems like she's always surprised. That good and happy dog is ready to be a loyal and faithful friend to the one who will give her love and loop.

The Brussels Griffon is one of the most popular little species of the Miniateur Yorkshire Terriers, too. There is now a peak of popularity. The weight of this smart and beautiful dog doesn't exceed three and a half kilos. The other fashion pond is the Pomeran spice. Because of a teddy hair, he resembles the bear. The Japanese hinge is a lovely little dog that always displays his feelings with restraint, but loyal to the master.
Yorkshire terriers don't come out of fashion for the last decade. It's a beautiful friend, and Papillon's always great with kids.В маленьких городских квартирах часто держат собак соответствующего размера A little pond is West Highland White Terrier. Representatives of this species are very uncomfortable and patient. Little hair club reminds Bolognes. These fancy dog games and vengeances are also long-term.

Among the carlicks, the smallest species is Chihuahua, but she's the most peaceful.Городские жители часто предпочитают держать пикинесов и мопсов Chihuahua's hiking is very simple, but the dog's getting very jealous over time. For a little lover not to become a spontaneous, education should be very serious and thorough.

What dogs are most likely to be held in the city?

Choose a dog that lives in a city apartment is always difficult, because she has to live under the same roof. The difficulty is that someone in the family can be allergic. The fact that there is an area of the apartment should not be taken into account, but also whether it is possible to walk a fourth friend in a timely manner. Despite all these difficulties, you can find a way out if you want.

Йоркширские терьеры не выходят из моды последнее десятилетие Кокер-спаниели популярны в семьях с детьми Доги не очень популярны городах из-за своих размеров Владельцы загородных домов предпочитают держать собак сторожевых пород

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