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How Petrosian came to the zoo defense, so far remains a mystery: it is only known that she is a math teacher and has worked at a construction company for one time. In 1997, Petrosian, together with three founders (one of whom is her son), established a charitable autonomous non-profit organization for the rescue of ECO animals (BANO ECO). Since then, it has been rapidly taking off as hosts of a network of shelters in the capital, where there has been room for gratitude from high officials and for triumph speeches in Moscow.

♪ For the first time, I heard about the ECO shelters in December last year - a lawyer from Svetlan Zibert - hit a poster on the Internet, taken by one of the volunteers - a former veterinary feldcher - a shelter in Carisin, like a local quarantine unit. The view of me was terrified: a cat and puppies dying of infection, a mixture of decomposing bodies, full of larvae... I've looked at the tape just once. I did. It had nothing to do with animal zoo protection, and I gave myself the word that I would do anything to remove Petrosian from zoos. I've spent the last few months dedicating what I've done to her business. I've contacted the volunteers of the ECO shelters, and I've been joined by other lawyers unsatisfactory to the problems of homeless animals, and we've come together to deal with the situation.

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