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Napolitan Mastif - It's an old dog breed that belongs to one of the largest in the world. Mastin up to 80 cm in the chole and having an average weight of 60 kg. Their main purpose to date is a guard dog or a companion dog. They are not popular, most likely because of their dimensions. Such a dog is rarely able to afford to enter an apartment, so most of the non-political mastifs live in private homes.

These dogs are incredibly temperamental and charismatic and very calm and balanced. The Masters love a decent, quiet life. They are confronted with heavy physical pressures. It is not enough that there is a serious strain on the joints during the jumps and in the fast running, that the overflow also affects their cardiovascular system.

Mastif is not the simplest dog to keep, which needs severe diet and special additives throughout life, depending on the age. It should also be borne in mind that they have a number of natural diseases that are directly affected by their living conditions.

  • unusual appearance;
  • giant dimensions;
  • Threatened guards;
  • Devotion and luxury;
  • Have health problems;
  • We need a dressure.

Origin of Mastino Neapoletano

The Naapolitan Mastyphoids originate from the ancient war dogs involved in the hostilities, allegedly before our age. In addition, similar individuals participated in the gladiator fighting and mature grasses of large wild animals in Rome. It may be possible that the future formation of the species has been influenced by the cross-section of the tibeth mastif, which has triggered almost all modern molasses.

The nature of the species has changed a little further. The main focus of their employment was on the protection of various objects from uninvited guests. Because of its appearance, it was often theoretically not even necessary to make a special effort to intimidate malicious men - it was enough to produce a loud, dense, creepy lye.

Today, the Napolitan Mastif is still used as a guard dog. It was also widely distributed as a companion. Sobacods, singled out with the truth, are certainly falling in love with this species forever.

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