Little Dogs For Children

Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводитьSpecialists believe that the families in which the dog lives, the children grow more healthy than peers without four-legged friends, communicable and responsible.

It's a domestic animal better than any psychologist to overcome fear and child selfishness.

Thanks to the dog, the kid will learn to put people's interests above his own.

And the families that have dogs are more active and friendly.

Bishon Frieze
That little dog would be great for a teenage girl. The nature of the breed is that the dog doesn't lift, and her hair doesn't have an unpleasant smell.

Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводитьBut for a dog to become a friend for a child and for a family, not a burden, you need to seriously think before you take such a responsible step to get a dog.

Little French bulldog is a great companion and a loyal friend. This dog will please you with its calm and joy, which is why it is perfect for little children. The small size of the dog will allow the baby to take care of the bulldogue himself. It's one of the most loyal dogs that always pay attention and assess the situation properly.Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводить The balanced nature of this dog will allow you to always be calm and not worry about the safety of the child.

What dogs shouldn't be for children.
Most professionals, in answering the question, which dog can't be given to a child, practically unanimously do not recommend the introduction of service dogs, fighters and some hunting breeds, such as lika, taxa. Apart from the fact that these dogs can be excessively aggressive, they are not naturally linked to children.

How old can a child be a dog?
If the baby's still very small (1-2 years), it's too early to start a dog. Doing it better after the baby's two years old.

Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводить Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводить Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводить Собака для ребёнка: когда и какую собаку лучше заводить

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