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Pulmonary Eruption Of Dogs

It doesn't matter. The stained shell, which is wiping the entire inner surface of the thoracic cavity and is called the plevre, is often affected by inflammation. The causes of these inflammations are mechanical damage, and in most cases colds.*

(Not in favour of the exterior of dogs, the author speaks straight at the same time about the cold as the cause of most illnesses. There is thus a sharp contradiction. It must be borne in mind that the root causes of disease are always internal, i.e., in the blood and tissue of the organism and depend on nutrition and lifestyle. A very healthy living creature, i.e. self-protection, will never get sick of the cold.

Symptoms. The disease is manifested by fever attacks, variable increases and temperature decreases. The dog's nose is dry and hot, the animal loses its normal living, doesn't lay down, but sits on the front of the torso, responds to the pain when it hits the chest. The ribs remain permanent when breathing. At the beginning of the disease, at the hearing, there's a vascular respiratory noise and a full, sometimes dried tone. In the future, the respiratory noise ceases - nothing can be heard, as the resulting sulphate fluid in the chest and the fibrous plugs cover the lung. Therefore, when scattered, there is a blunt tone that points to the presence of the exudate(s).

Treatment. First of all, diet and care. The sick dog needs to be kept in a warm, clean, warm room. To provide her with adequate peace and not to feed meat and not fat food, but liquid oatmeal, etc. External treatment - in the form of vents, is used only at the beginning of the disease and for shorter dogs. Hounds or washing pots are inappropriate. At the onset, the drying is more likely to be a wet warm compression (every 2 hours). The inside should be given to Aconite 3 and Brionia 3, 1/2 hours to 5 rupees or hoods, alternately, until the state is improved. If the respiratory becomes pupiled and heavy, Aconite 3, Fosphorus 6 and Tartarus emits 3 are shown in turn 1/2 h or an hour before improvement, and then 2-3 hours before healing. When the dog gets better, i.e. starts walking, the fever will disappear and the breath will be free, designate Sulphur 6, 3 days in a row, 2 times a day, 5 knickers or drops, and the treatment ends.

Light spray. This disease is exposed dogs of all kinds♪ It is self-sustained or accompanied by a plevrit, plague and typhoid. Basically, light tissue is affected; only one light or one part of it, and sometimes both lungs, are often affected.

Reasons♪ The stalemate and in very rare cases is the wounds or blows to the chest and the contamination by inhalation of harmful gases.

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