Английский Мастиф

Queen's Mastif

In southern Afghanistan, three British soldiers were killed when a Mastif armoured combat vehicle crashed into an improvised mine. On 1 May, world news agencies referred to the United Kingdom Department of Defense. The incident occurred one day before the communication, but NATO representatives did not report on the nationality of the deceased soldiers. The message is quoted:During patrols on the last Tuesday in the Nakhri-Saraj region of Helmand province, three soldiers of the 2nd Royal Scottish regiment were killed"

Боевая бронированная машинаSince the start of the operation in October 2001, the total number of losses of the British Forces in Afghanistan has reached 444. At the end of April, a military helicopter of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) crashed in southern Afghanistan, killing four soldiers. There are now 100,000 international coalition forces in Afghanistan. The majority of the troops should be withdrawn at the end of 2014.

The opponent was able to subvert the Mastyf BM with a high-profile armoured defence, a fact of particular concern in London.

ББМA contract of $110 million for the construction of a new 28-ton MBM Mastif-2 was concluded by the British Ministry of Defence with NP Aerospace in 2008. NP aerospace BBM Mastiff-2, received:

  • Greater capacity;
  • Advanced leading bridges and reinforced suspensions, which enhances the reliability of operations in complex relays;
  • Advanced heat exchange system for drivers;
  • Crews and dessants protected from explosions;
  • improved armor protection.

The British Military Authority expressed satisfaction with the quality of the modification of the Cougar armoured armoured vehicles, established by the Fors Project (with a wheeled 6x6), to the British version of Mastyf. The U.S. Congress was notified by the United States Defense Cooperation and Security Agency of the United States Department of Defense for the sale of 170 heavy armoured MRAP machines, Categoria-2, as well as related to the agreement, equipment and services under the military assistance programme to foreign countries amounting to approximately $147 million. By the end of 2008, Force Protection planted these cars, which in 2009 NP Aerospace began to redesign the version of Mastif-2.

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