Виртуальный клуб «Мастифы

Spanish Style

Spanish mastif is a big, even very big dog. To be honest, it's huge. Of course, with its size and serious expressions of the face, it gives people an unconscious impression. But the sense of respect that you're starting to feel about Spanish mastyphoid with a close acquaintance relates not only to giant sizes, that dog is absurd by its mind, its multidimensionality and its ability to love.

The outside Spanish vase is a powerful dog of harmony, with a tight slice and deep breast. The growth of adult Spanish mastif is usually between 77 and 80 cm in the cobbles and 72-75 cm in the suk. The characteristic characteristic of the species is the free hanging skin (required by the suspension on the neck). The passion of Spanish mastif is short, very tasty, rude, tightly attached to the body. The standard allows virtually any colour - gray, tiger, apricous, black, pale, red - white stains on the laps and breasts.

Spain (Estradaur) is the birth of this species. It is likely that Spanish mastyphoids have emerged as a result of the crossroads of belligerent, pasture and guard dogs of ancient kelts and mountain Iberian sheep.

The love of Spanish mastyphas begins with a meeting with a little bear, sluggishly floating on thick feet. And yet, through the infant furry, they're already looking at the thorny features of your future counsel. Some special seriousness in the eyes and the manner of obscuring is that this child fully understands his mission to be a reliable, strong and faithful friend.

Nature has rewarded Spanish mastif with stable mentality and high intelligence, but if the dog is to grow up well socialized and adequate, every master must provide the necessary conditions for his pet to develop properly. Of course, it's best to keep Spanish mastif in the country house (in the volt). Even a simplic city apartment won't be able to give this giant the right freedom of movement.

Perhaps you think that a powerful dog like Spanish vastile doesn't need recognition and love. That's not true. May the exterior " Spaniard " look very discreet to the feelings, but the amount of love that this 100-kilogram creature has given is directly proportionate to its mass, and you will need at least a minimum. The Spanish mastif is unrestrictedly loyal to its master and family, for which, if necessary, he is prepared to give his life, for a second.

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