Тибетский мастиф


TIBETH MASTIF is a journey from the depths of centuries to our days.

Tibetan's mast in St Petersburg. Pharmaceuticals, factories, owners and Tibetan mastifs

Acquisition of a breeding dog is the acquisition of a certain set of exterrier properties and behaviour.

The basic qualities are stored in a puppy genetically and are determined by ancestors and species. You know in advance what you can expect from the species you chose. We see the task of describing those species. dogswhich our club and pets have been doing for years.Стандарт FCI № 230/ 02.04.2004/ Великобритания It is very negative for factories who are willing to mislead a potential buyer to sell a puppy. Tibetan is a leader in this sense. So many fairy tales, legends and myths, like Tibetan Mastife, no other dog species. Our factories are also working on this field, and a new wave of legends are brought by Chinese Tibetan Mastyphos factories. The truth, apart from the legend, they've changed the nature and nature of Tibetan mastyphobia almost to the unknown, which is already alarming for the future of this beautiful and very beautiful. ancient dog species

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