Котят говорите любите?

Tibetan Malamut

Tibetan Mastif with the eyes of history.

Western standards provide an incorrect framework for this multifaceted breed

Author Richard Aikhorn

When it comes to Tibetan mastifs, the dispute always comes about three things: size, colour and type differences. We'll stop at the last point.

As we approach this complex issue, we should agree that Tibetan's mastif is the ideal combination of vastif and a mountain dog. It's both a full-fledged vasty and a full mountain dog, and sometimes it combines both opposites. It's a mastiff that does a mountain dog's job, and a mountain dog with a size and type of vasty. It's a dog that matches the vain size (according to the history of the individual at heights between 86 and 91 cm and has a massive bone) and a type (small warehouses, suspensions, mysterious sponges, sprays and wide, deep, short and voluminous sea) that evolved and adapted to the survival of the world as the most terrain. This resulted in a balanced, powerful, informative and effective merger of mountains dog breedwhich has a vain proportion and the longest among the hammers of the lion wool.

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