Щенки разных пород

What A Dog


ATTENTION! The action will be closed when 1,000 crossings are reached. Dates of stock: 2-12 November (up to 21.00 in Moscow). Mandatory condition is to be in an exhibition group! At the entrance, name your name and id in vk.com.

ROSSU - House Animal Exhibition
21-22 November, ESCPOFORUM Pavilion G

There are thousands of pets waiting for you, dogs and cats. different species, birds, reptiles, horizons and rodents, a bright four-leg show, competitions and competitions!

In the programme:

International exhibitions of cats and dogs
Dancing with dogs, agilitis, offenses, Figol, Frisby, Pitch Go
exhibitions of chorus and rodents
Decorative village animals, pony and mini-boschadi
rare reptiles from Africa, Asia, America and Australia
Fashion of clothing for stale dogs and their owners
Petrestoran for four friends
A saturated show program for children
Fair of household animal products

And if you're still dreaming of a fourth friend, come in, talk to factories and pets, consult and choose.

EXPOFORUM, Pavilion G (free buses from Moskovska and Lenin Prospects)

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